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Silver Round Trip to Mt Pilatus Switzerland (Sunrise in Swiss Alps + World's Steepest Cogwheel Rail)
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Silver Round Trip to Mt Pilatus Switzerland (Sunrise in Swiss Alps + World's Steepest Cogwheel Rail)

If you fancy a sunrise in the Swiss Alps or traveling on the world’s steepest cogwheel railway or capturing stunning views of Lake Lucerne or the Swiss countryside, then this trip is a must!!! You have multiple options to visit Mount Pilatus from Lucerne. You can either take a boat or train to Alpnachstad followed by cogwheel rail to Pilatus. You can descend to Kriens by aerial cableway and panoramic gondolas, and then take a bus to Lucerne. You can also do it the other way round - travel to Pilatus via Kriens and then return to Lucerne via Alpnachstad. Silver round trip includes train tickets between Lucerne and Alpnachstad while the Golden round trip includes a boat ticket for the same route. Rough journey times for the different routes are given below and may help you plan your trip in advance. Train between Lucerne & Alpnachstad ~ 20 min Boat between Lucerne & Alpnachstad ~ 45 min Cogwheel rail between Alpnachstad & Pilatus ~ 30 min Aerial cableway between Pilatus & Fräkmüntegg ~ 5 min Panoramic gondola between Fräkmüntegg & Kriens ~ 30 min Bus between Kriens & Lucerne ~ 20 min (includes 5 min walk in Kriens) We wanted to visit Mount Pilatus early in the morning when it wasn’t crowded at all. We went for a silver round trip as the first train was at 7.42am while the first boat was at 8.38am. The silver round trip costs around 85 CHF and you need to pay an additional 15-18 CHF for the golden round trip (includes boat ride and you can choose if you want the bus ride between Kriens & Lucerne or not). Swiss Travel or Interrail or Eurail pass holders get discounts. We’d recommend having one of the rail passes if you’re planning a long haul in Switzerland. It’s best to check the official website to be aware of the timetable and the latest prices.


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