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Welcome to the world of Nerdy Globetrotters!

We are Diana and Karn, full-time researchers and part-time travellers based in London, UK. We met at the University of Birmingham whilst doing our PhDs and discovered a lot in common, including our love for travel and exploring new destinations, cultures and cuisines. We began travelling together ever since and are always on the lookout for amazing experiences at the best prices.

We are lucky to have visited more than 30 countries and have realised that every trip has been a unique experience. We have travelled with a duffel bag and at times even with two large suitcases, been to beaches and to mountains, enjoyed ice cream in the sunny days and walked miles under umbrellas when it poured. Here, we would like to share our experiences with all of you and provide some travel tips in the hope that you find something useful for your upcoming trip, be it the planning stage or just a day before your journey. You are at the right place if you are looking for some travel inspiration or would like to learn about some incredibly beautiful places around the world.

Travelling for us is a way to learn and grow. We have been to places where we couldn’t find a common language to communicate and had experiences when plans went haywire as we dealt with a typhoon or with trip cancellations because of a pandemic. Travelling has been a stressbuster for us and so we always try to make time for travel, be it a weekend getaway or trip to an exotic island. Oftentimes, travelling gets us so excited that we start planning our next trip while on our current excursion. Let us know your thoughts about travelling in the comments below.

We would love for you to follow us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) and be part of our travel adventures.


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